Sunday, May 25, 2008


I have been taking so many pictures of Hudson the past few days, because I am so excited that he is home, so I though I would share some of them.

Slip and Slide

Brooks got a slip and slide and the boys love it, they are always wanting to go out on it, though they are flooding our yard!!

Brooks Birthday

brooks and his Cupcake

He Loves the Wiggles
Brooks helping with the cupcakes

Boys Playing in the water

It was Brooks birthday on Friday, poor guy he turned two, but we didn't through him a party because Hudson just came home and Clint was out of town so we just had cupcakes! We are seriously going to need to do some kind of party for Costner and Hudson, because Hudson was put in TCH on Costner's fourth birthday and Brooks well he got the shaft too... So poor Brooks got to play outside practically all day and have pizza and cupcakes, oh well we will make it up to him!

Hudson is home

Above is Hudson swinging at TCH

In his bed watching TV

in the car seat ready to leave!!!

Hudson was able to be discharged this past Wednesday, we were so excited to get him home. He loves to be held all the time, and is having some issues on getting his sleeping at night down, but other than that he is doing good. Here are of a few pictures of him getting ready to leave Texas Childrens, and then finally leaving... I know people must have thought I was nuts taking all the pictures of him getting ready, but oh well...

Monday, May 19, 2008

Boys Playing in the rain

Saturday after we got back from seeing Hudson the boys were playing in the rain and they looked so cute, dirty but cute! They are growing up so fast, and they love to be outside all the time!!!

Hudson February 14, 2008

Hudson Update

Hudson has been at Texas Children's for about a month and half, but it looks like he will be being discharged sometime this week! Hudson was born with Pierre Robin Sequence, meaning that his jaw was pushed back, which was not allowing him to breath properly, and eat. He was at Conroe Hospital for five weeks, then we were able to bring him home for about two weeks, and then he had to be admitted into Texas Children's. We originally thought that he had a cold, but instead he had other issues. His airway was very dangerous, and they didn't want us to leave until his airway was safe. (The Doctors were very surprised that we didn't have any Major emergencies while we had him at home (with his airway). Hudson has since had surgeries, one a gastrophic tube to help with his feedings, and a jaw distraction. The jaw distraction was the hardest on us, because after he had it he was placed on a ventilator for eight days. As of today though he is doing much better, the airways has improved tremendously and he is off all Oxygen! He will be coming home with the jaw distraction contraption, but will only have to have it on for six more weeks!

This past weekend Costner and Brooks were able to go up and see him, they hadn't seen him for about six weeks, so they were both very excited to get to see Hudson. Though I think they got a little more excited about riding the trains downtown!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Jasper Family Blog

Well I never thought i would do one of these, but it looks kind of fun, and a good way to share new updates and pictures of the boys! It will also keep everyone posted on all the Hudson updates.