Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Boys Last Spring Show at First Baptist Acadamy

Costner and Brooks had their last spring show last week at First Baptist Academy. Costner and Brooks started going there for mothers day out and then Costner for preschool and they had grade school so that is where Costner has been going to school for Kindergarten as well. This year the school decided that this would be their last year to have 1st thru 4Th grade, we were very disappointed since we had been there for so many years, and were planning on keeping all the boys there. When Clint and I found out we thought that maybe it would be time for us to move to a better school district, (Montgomery or Magnolia) and go ahead and put the boys in public school. So we started looking for houses and thinking of things that we needed to do to get our house ready to sale. As we began to start looking online and driving around looking at different neighborhoods, and then looking at different public schools, Clint and I started to not have a peace about moving. I know that I was a little disappointed about not getting a larger house and having some acreage for the boys, but after Clint I decided that it just wasn't the right time for us to move and that we still wanted the boys to go to private school, I felt so much peace and knew that we had made the right decision. After we made the decision of staying I realized all the things we would be missing by moving, our Wonderful neighbors that our like family to us, and how much all of them feel like home to us, and how much I love that they are all so much a big part in my boys life! When Clint is gone I know that I can go to anyone of them and they would be more than willing to help out with anything. They are more like another set of Grandma and Grandpa's and Aunt's and Uncles than neighbors to our boys and I would hate to leave them.

After we had decided to stay at our house it was time to find a new school for the boys. So in February we began touring a few in the area we decided on Lifestyle Christian School. After filling out our application, we had our interview with Costner today, and starting next year Costner will start 1st grade and Brooks will start all day Pre-K at Lifestyle the boys are very excited and though we are sad to leave First Baptist Academy we look forward to our new adventure at our new school.

Costner with his teacher Mrs. Anderson, who we are going to miss so much she has worked so hard with Costner

We were so proud of Brooks the past few years during programs he has always cried or just sat there, this year he was really getting into it, in fact at one part he was the loudest one, we were so proud!
And off course this one Clint was out of town...

T-Ball Season

Costner and Brooks are loving T-ball, this is their first year, but they are having a great time. Costner has practice every Tuesday night at six, and we are normally late since we are just finishing up swim lessons, run and grab dinner and run to practice, by the time we get home I am exhausted! Costner's games are on Saturday morning, right after Brooks early, EARLY morning game. Seriously I want to know who's idea it was to have kids games on a Saturday morning at 8:15, that is just insane to me, but we go. This past week Clint was out of town so thankfully the YMCA opens up the daycare for it's members, which helps me out so much so two kids go up while I spend time with one at their game, and then I switch Brooks out with Costner.

Costner's team is the Pirates

Brooks Batting
Clint and Brooks their first game a few weeks ago
I think every picture he has his tongue out!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Suzie's Surprise Birthday

Clint's mom, Suzie was turning 60 this year, and we decided it would be fun to try to put together a surprise birthday for her. We were able to pull the entire thing off, amazingly, there were many times Clint and I, thought that somehow it would slip by either us or Clint's sister, Angee and her husband Brian. We surprised her by having Clint's dad, Bill, who lives in Australia, and his sister and husband, from Oregon, and Suzie's two Aunts from California all fly in for the party. The night of the party we told her that we wanted to take her out to dinner Angee and Brian and Clint and I, so we went to Pappadeaux were everyone and everything was all set up!! She was completely surprised to see everyone that had flown in for the party, she had NO CLUE, it was awesome!!!

Bill & Suzie
Bill, Suzie, Angee, Darlene, & Martha
The Jasper Family

I know she was so surprised on seeing Bill, since he flew all the way from Australia, and she had no idea!!

Costner's Birthday- a few weeks ago...

I know, I know I am behind, by a few weeks... oh well...

Costner's birthday was on April 7Th, and he turned six, we can't believe how fast he is growing up! We knew that for his birthday he really wanted a dirt bike, in fact he quickly learned how to ride his bike without his training wheels so that he would be able to get a dirt bike. We would have loved to have gotten him one, but we just don't have the room for one right now. So we settled on lots of leggos!!! Clint had taken most of the week off the week of Costner's Birthday to spend time with Costner, and I was hosting bunco at our house that week so he was nice enough to help out with Bunco night preparations, and because we had been planning a suprise birthday party for Clint's mom, Suzie. I don't know what I would have done without Clint home that week, he was so helpful in everything!!

Costner and Grandpa opening presents the night of his birthday
We all went up to Costner's school with ice cream cups for everyone in his class
Costner and Hudson eating lunch
Costner had his favorite breakfast for his birthday, an egg and bacon taco, then he got to pick out what he wanted for dinner, he off course wanted, shrimp, and crab, nice expensive taste!!
Even though Clint was having a stay vacation, he had to start his vacation off with an umbrella drink, it was pretty GOOD!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Random Pictures...

I found some random pictures....

Boys waiting to eat at the mall
Kids playing in the yard while it was snowing
You can kind of see the snow, oh well we were excited to see it!
Last session of swim lessons, now Costner has moved up two levels!!
Brooks is doing very good too, he is just very loud!

Easter Egg Hunts at the Boys School

Again so behind in posting. Just thought I would post a few from the boys Easter Egg hunts at school. Brooks egg hunt was at the school playground, and Costner's was at Ridgelake park, his class took a field trip for their Easter Egg hunt. Both boys had tons of fun!!