Sunday, April 25, 2010

Suzie's Surprise Birthday

Clint's mom, Suzie was turning 60 this year, and we decided it would be fun to try to put together a surprise birthday for her. We were able to pull the entire thing off, amazingly, there were many times Clint and I, thought that somehow it would slip by either us or Clint's sister, Angee and her husband Brian. We surprised her by having Clint's dad, Bill, who lives in Australia, and his sister and husband, from Oregon, and Suzie's two Aunts from California all fly in for the party. The night of the party we told her that we wanted to take her out to dinner Angee and Brian and Clint and I, so we went to Pappadeaux were everyone and everything was all set up!! She was completely surprised to see everyone that had flown in for the party, she had NO CLUE, it was awesome!!!

Bill & Suzie
Bill, Suzie, Angee, Darlene, & Martha
The Jasper Family

I know she was so surprised on seeing Bill, since he flew all the way from Australia, and she had no idea!!

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