Thursday, April 29, 2010

T-Ball Season

Costner and Brooks are loving T-ball, this is their first year, but they are having a great time. Costner has practice every Tuesday night at six, and we are normally late since we are just finishing up swim lessons, run and grab dinner and run to practice, by the time we get home I am exhausted! Costner's games are on Saturday morning, right after Brooks early, EARLY morning game. Seriously I want to know who's idea it was to have kids games on a Saturday morning at 8:15, that is just insane to me, but we go. This past week Clint was out of town so thankfully the YMCA opens up the daycare for it's members, which helps me out so much so two kids go up while I spend time with one at their game, and then I switch Brooks out with Costner.

Costner's team is the Pirates

Brooks Batting
Clint and Brooks their first game a few weeks ago
I think every picture he has his tongue out!!

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