Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Boy Hudson - Nine Months OLD

Hudson Playing
The Blue Ring that has replaced the pacifier!

Clint and I can't believe that Hudson is Nine months old already (this past Friday), the time has gone by so fast! He is doing so much better and recovering very well from his cleft surgery, and this Friday he will be able to have his pacifier back!!! He is so used to it, that since he hasn't had it he wakes up all through the night. But since then he has grown attached to a little blue ring that he takes to bed with him and holds in his hand and close to his mouth, (I will take a picture of him doing it tonight, it is so cute). Better post the pictures and get back to cleaning before he wakes up and I have to get the other two kiddos from school.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Clint and Hudson

I have asked Clint to put up our Christmas lights this weekend, just in case he has to leave on a job, I wanted them up before he left. So he has been pretty busy around the house and the yard, He HATES putting up Christmas lights. After working so hard around the house and yard I found him and Hudson sleeping on the couch when I came downstairs from putting the other two guys to bed this evening. Poor Hudson has had a really bad cold so we are keeping him close to home especially now since it's gotten cold out. The lights are still not all the way on the house, I suppose I will have to nag a bit tomorrow for him to finish them...

Our Hike Last Weekend

Last Sunday we packed a lunch and took the boys hiking, well just to the YMCA and did a little hike. But the boys had so much fun! I know that they are going to have fun a going camping one day as well... but until then we will just hike at the Y.

Costner found a soccer ball and had to practice some soccer for a bit, after our hike.
Clint and Brooks

Costner looking for rocks
Hudson trying to stay in the shade

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

a little behind...

Hudson after Surgery with his arm restraints, we call them WINGS
After surgery
Hudson at Texas Children's

Hudson the night before surgery

We took Brooks to Pre-opp the day before the surgery, so we ended up taking the boys to the park and the train.

Hudson's First Train Ride
Daddy and Brooks

Off course I am a little behind... But we have been so busy with Hudson this past week, it has been so crazy. Hudson had his surgery this past Thursday and it went well, we ended up only having to stay at Texas Children's one night and we were able to come home Friday morning. Hudson can't put anything in his mouth, and he has to wear arm braces on his arms so that he doesn't put his fingers in his mouth. This off course has made things a bit crazy at our house. Hudson is used to a pacifier, so needless to say he wakes up all through the night crying because he can't get to his hands, it's pretty sad, so Clint and I take turns pacing with him around the house till he falls back asleep. Thank God Clint stayed home this week, I don't know what I would have done if he would have had to work. The good thing is that his cleft is fixed, and that on Friday he can take his arm braces off and one more week he can have his pacifier back.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

busy time....

Costner at his first soccer game
Hudson looking so CUTE

Brooks swinging

My Four Boys Eating, aren't they just too cute!!!

The past few weeks we have been so busy that I haven't posted anything in a while, I am so behind on everything. The Boys have been doing great, just keeping me very busy, school, soccer, home, and in the evening I am so tired, I crash. So just a short update on them. Costner is doing very good in school, we are so proud of him he loves it and is learning a lot, and he is doing very well in soccer as well, he told us that he wants to play EVERY sport!! Great, fun for me!! Brooks is going through the middle child syndrome very badly or the terribly two's I don't know what it is, but he has become my little handful. The day school tells me that he is so good at school and never gets into trouble, but at home, oh my, constantly picking on Costner, pushing, pitching, hitting, biting, and screaming YOUR A BAD BOY BROTHER!!! Needless to say I hope that this phase passes quickly! Hudson is doing very well, gaining weight good, and trying his hardest to sit up more, he goes in Thursday morning for surgery on his cleft palate, we are so exacted, I can't believe the day is almost here!! We are so blessed to be born in a time and age were this can be fixed!!! We are expected to be downtown for a few days, but will be posting updates while we are downtown, on his status. Please keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery!!!