Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Week

It’s been a bit of a rough week around our house. For some reason I can’t get much done around the house. Hudson had thereopy appointments at the house every day except Friday, and he has so many of them I forgot about one, and we weren’t here. I have got to become more organized. I seriously don’t know how Mom’s of Big Family’s do it. The other day I asked mom how she did it, she said only by God’s grace, I believe it, and I only have three!

Costner has had a bad cold this week, and he has had a rough week, well he and I have had a rough week together, (disciplinary issues!!!), I think that he is having a rough time with Clint being out of town, I am hoping that next week will be a much better week for him.

Brooks has been good though he has to do everything that Costner does. I MEAN EVERYTHING! I was in Target the other day and they were both in the stroller and down every isle they both were saying TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCH, and it wasn’t quiet. Needless to say I had a headache by the time that I got them back into the truck. Though I must be an idiot because I had to back to Target a few hours later (different location) this time they weren’t saying TOUCH the entire time they were hitting each other and pulling each other’s hair. I want to pull my hair out!!!

Hudson has been good. I have stopped his milk drip at night and have added another feed during the day and have increased his feeds, and so far he seems to be managing that well. This week he met with his dietitian, occupational and physical therapist, they all said that he is doing well, but that he needs more tummy time, which he doesn’t seem to like. He has been putting all his fingers in his mouth and just chewing on them, so I think that he is getting some teeth, but thankfully he hasn’t been fussy yet.

All this to say that I haven’t gotten many pictures at all this week, actually I just pulled the camera out today, I am hoping and praying that tomorrow and next week will be a much better week.

Pictures of Hudson during his physical therapy appointment

He had four fingers in
Fingers from both hands in

Friday, July 25, 2008

Date night with Costner

Last night Costner and I had date night. He has been such a big boy at school and helping out around the house that I rewarded him by taking him to Incredible Pizza to play some games. The past few weeks at camp he has been so good, his teachers say that they never have a problem with him, in fact he is their favorite kid in class!! Off-course i had to make sure we were talking about the same kid, just joking but I am so proud of him he has been acting like such a big boy. Last night when he was going to bed he didn't want to take his hat off, he said he needed to sleep with it on, so below are a few pictures of him sleeping with his hat on. (I took it off after he fell asleep).

Hudson and I, Hudson had just gotten out of his bath, and off course he had fingers in his mouth!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hudson's Study

Today I took Hudson in to have his barium swallow done, here in The Woodlands, Hudson and I waited for a while, and then they finally called us, only to say that we have to go downtown to Texas Children's to have it done. UGH so frustrating, but I guess more on little Hudson, poor guy he had to go without eating since five this morning. Oh well God knows, so I am just going to work with him on some oral exercises to get him a bit more prepared for the next time. We are hoping and praying that he will be able to eat orally soon.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Clint is on his way to Qatar

Today has been a bit busy so far, we have been trying to get Clint packed up and ready. He fly's to Qatar today. He should only be there for a few weeks, and then possibly from there fly to Austria, but who knows, with his job things change daily. VERY FRUSTRATING! Needless to say I haven't gotten any pictures of the kiddos.

Just a little Hudson update, he goes in tomorrow for a barium swallow study to see if we can start feeding him by mouth, so we are hoping that it is good news. So just to keep Hudson in your prayers and off course Clint for a safe trip! (and quick).

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hudson's Doctor's appointment

Hudson had to go to the doctor this morning to make sure he is still gaining weight good, so it has been a busy morning. We dropped Costner off at Camp this morning, which he couldn't get their fast enough, then ran back home and dropped Brooks off at home, Eileen was nice enough to watch him while Hudson and I went to the Dr. Good news he has gained weight, he is up to 12.2, and we are going to start weaning him off his milk drip at night and increasing his feeds during the day. After the doctor the boys and I went back to the Y, and for the first time I put Hudson in the little day care they have there so I could go and work out. He did very good, off course was spoiled and was held which he loves!! I will post some pictures later, I have got to get this house clean during nap time!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Hudson's therapy

Today Hudson had speech and physical therapy so he was a busy little fellow today. Here are a few pictures of him working out. He got a bit tired and fell asleep during his physical therapy but other than that he did great.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long weekend with the boys

This weekend it was just me and the boys. Clint left Friday night to south Texas to help out a rig that was having some issues, but he is now back, so it was a quick trip, but a long weekend for the boys and I. Spend Friday night at Grandma and Grandpa’s didn’t happen this weekend because they are in Minnesota for my Grandma’s 80th Birthday Party, but the boys have called them a lot checking up on them, I am sure they really enjoyed that. So needless to say the only real excitement that we had around here is going to Target yesterday with Eileen and church this morning, and let me say that is an event. Getting all three boys to church on time is something I am going to have to work on, we all make it in to church, (I have to say that Costner is a big help, he helps push Hudson and makes sure Brooks gets to his class, and then he goes to his class) But by the time I walk in to church, check them into their classes, I am sweating! And then it all starts over again on our way back out to the car, by the time I got home I had to change it looks like I ran a marathon. Off course it is all worth it but man it’s a lot of work, so next week our mission is to try to be on time with out sweating!

Costner playing outside

Brooks standing on his tool bench in the sandbox

Hudson rolling!

I have been meaning to post a few pictures of Hudson laughing and rolling around in his bed. Now I do realize there is a droll spot on his sheet, but besides that he looks so cute!! This was the other day and he was laughing when he woke up from his nap. Hudson has a mini crib that is in our room, since he isn't ready for his own room yet. He doesn't seem to take long naps, but at night he is ready for bed at eight and sleeps till about eight in the morning, even when we come in to the room to go to bed and turn on either the TV or a light he doesn't even wake up, he is such an easy baby!!

The picture below is from yesterday he had rolled to his side and was pushing his feet against the side, I know something little but I was so excited for him!

He woke up in such a good mood just smiling and laughing.
I think that he might be teething, because he puts everything in his mouth, so here he is eating and trying to suck his thumb and hold the toys.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Attempting to save some money vent

So Clint and I are seriously on a DAVE RAMSEY money diet! So in my attempt to "help out", don't laugh, I have colored my hair dark, and its pretty dark, after I don't know how many YEARS of being blonde I am helping our family save money by not getting my hair colored, and I actually love it!!

Now the downside of this is that I thought I would help save a bit more money and just cut the boys hair instead of taking them to Snip Its in the mall. Lets just say that didn't goes as well. Needless to say the next few post pictures of Costner and Brooks they will probably be wearing HATS. At least their hair grows fast!

Mommys Little Monkey "Hudson"

I was trying to get some pictures of Hudson, and was trying to make him sit up, but he still doesn't have that much control with holding his head. (still like holding a new born) But he will get it soon. He was laughing and smiling a lot but as soon as I would take a picture he would stop, I will try to get some more later. He five months today, and is so cute!

Our Weekend

This weekend we didn't do a lot, just hung around the house, but it was nice. Friday night Brooks and Costner spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa, and they said they had a great time, and my parents said they were very good. I was worried that they would go to sleep so late and wake up at the crack of dawn, but they were asleep by 8:30 and up at 7, so that wasn't bad at all! Friday night for Clint and I was so quiet, we BBQ and it was amazing how quiet it was. Saturday morning was wonderful we slept in till 9, (Hudson did too) I dont remember the last time I slept in that long, it was great!

Below are a few pictures of Clint and Hudson on his motorcycle

Saturday, Clint thought he would get the kids a blow up pool with a basketball net on it, needless to say in the picture it looked much larger than it was in the backyard. But the kids had fun splashing around, Clint even did. We dont have any plans this week, just getting some organization stuff done around the house.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Past Few Day

The past few days around here haven't been that exciting, unless one considers laundry exciting! Costner has been enjoying camp, today he came home with marker and dirt all over him, but he had a good time and that is all that counts. Brooks has been trying to get over a bad cold, and has lately been really pushing his terrible two buttons, I found him tonight dancing on the coffee table. Hudson has been doing good, he is now rolling on his side and playing with toys, I have been trying to work with him on Tummy time, but he Hates it. His physical therapy starts next Monday, so I know that soon he will be catching up. Tomorrow is Clint's birthday the big "31" (man we are getting OLD, or Clint is at least) and it's Friday night spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's, the boys are so excited, and we are too, sleeping in past 6:30 sounds GREAT!

Brooks dancing on the table
Costner trying not to smile
Hudson loves to be kissed on his cheeks and neck he laughs so hard it is so cute!!
Hudson Laughing!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our weekend... UGH...

Well our fourth of July wasn't very exciting this year. Well yes it was Clint flew in on Friday from Scotland, so that was exciting! But other than that we stayed at home all weekend. Costner still was feeling sick with his ear and a cold, and he was nice enough to share his cold with Brooks, and off-course Brooks got it much worse than Costner. We were stuck inside with the three boys all weekend that by Sunday evenging we needed a break! So Costner and Brooks went to my parents to spend some time with them for a few hours, Clint and I didn't know what to do with ourselves it was so quiet, with just Hudson. My parents seeing that we are in need of a break offered that the boys, (Costner and Brooks) spend every Friday night at their house, the boys are very excited! Since there is now only going to be two left at my parents house (Nathan, and Ginger) , the boys are finally going to get their own room there, off course Clint and I are very excited about this, that means more spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's!

We started this week off by lots of doctor visits. Costner was behind on his four year old check up so he had that on Monday, he did pretty good, he had to get some shots so he has been complaining that his legs hurt, but other than that he is good. And just an update on camp he LOVES it, I had to pick him up early yesterday and he didn't want to leave, he was crying so today Clint dropped him off early, he was pretty excited that Dad was taking him instead of Mom.

Today Hudson had a doctor's appointment, his four month, (even though he is almost 5 months) he is doing good, they are a little concerned on his weight and how small he is, he dropped down a few ounces to 11.8, poor guy still the 0-3 month clothes are falling off of him. The Doctor wanted us to up his feedings to help him gain some weight! Other than that he is doing very good!

I better get some stuff done before I need to pick up Costner and before Brooks wakes up from his nap, though a nap sounds good, but oh well!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What a Day

Today was a crazy day. Needless to say that right now I having a glass of wine if that is any indication on how today has been. Costner woke up still not feeling well, I know it sounds so bad, but he is such a good boy when he is sick. Anyways he has an ear infection, I am assuming from all the swimming that he has been doing, so he had to stay home from camp today, so we had a lot of TV watching and Wii playing today. Brooks has been waking up very early lately, and he was fine during the first half of the day, but the second half, OH MY he was a handful, he didn't really take a nap and he was so fussy, let me rephrase that he did a lot of screaming this afternoon. Hudson is always so easy, but this afternoon he just wanted to be held all day, and its kind of hard holding him all day and dealing with the other boys and did I mention the house...Yeah it wasn't a pretty sight. Thankfully my mom came over this afternoon and held Hudson for a while so that I could get some cleaning done, and then later on Micah came over to play with the boys so that I could cook dinner, they are such lifesavers!! So there are no picture posting today, I did take some but then I realized that I am an idiot and I didn't have the camera card in. I am hoping that tomorrow that Costner will be feeling better and that will have a much smoother day around the Jasper House.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Clint is in Scottland

Clint is in Scotland for the week for some meetings, it always is a little crazier here when he is gone, and today was no exception. Hudson had therapy this morning and Brooks decided it would be fun to scream through the entire time. After therapy I had to take Hudson to the Doctor because he started not to feel to good. And then on top of that I picked Costner up from camp and I realized he was running a fever... UGH What a day!! And did I mention the house... OH MY GOSH, not a pretty sight! We miss Clint so much... we are hoping that tomorrow will be a much better day!