Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Past Few Day

The past few days around here haven't been that exciting, unless one considers laundry exciting! Costner has been enjoying camp, today he came home with marker and dirt all over him, but he had a good time and that is all that counts. Brooks has been trying to get over a bad cold, and has lately been really pushing his terrible two buttons, I found him tonight dancing on the coffee table. Hudson has been doing good, he is now rolling on his side and playing with toys, I have been trying to work with him on Tummy time, but he Hates it. His physical therapy starts next Monday, so I know that soon he will be catching up. Tomorrow is Clint's birthday the big "31" (man we are getting OLD, or Clint is at least) and it's Friday night spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's, the boys are so excited, and we are too, sleeping in past 6:30 sounds GREAT!

Brooks dancing on the table
Costner trying not to smile
Hudson loves to be kissed on his cheeks and neck he laughs so hard it is so cute!!
Hudson Laughing!

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