Friday, February 27, 2009

Hudson's Birthday Party

Since the boys were sick on Hudson's birthday, we threw a birthday party for Hudson last Saturday. We celebrated Hudson's birthday with family, neighbors and some friends, Hudson seemed to have a lot of fun!

He wasn't that much into his cake so friends helped him out with it

Brooks really helped him out!

Costner and Brooks blowing his candle out

Singing Happy Birthday!

Brooks eating cake with Grandpa

Costner wasn't feeling too good, (Again, needless to say he got the flue that was going around his class, he ended up having to stay home from class all week except the last day, he is better now though)

Hudson and Daddy, they look exactly alike!

Hudson got lots of cool new toys

Grandma & MeMe & Hudson

Valentine Birthday BOY

I still can't believe that Hudson is a year already! A year ago, I didn't think that a year would come this soon, Hudson has gone through so much this past year, and has come so far, we are so proud of him!

We were planning his birthday party and all the invitations were sent out, but the day before the party, we had to cancel, because Costner and Brooks got the stomach flu. But to make Hudson's day special, Costner and I made some cupcakes for Hudson, though Brooks was the only one who really ate them, we still had a lot of fun. (Costner doesn't eat any Cake, cupcakes, or ice cream, he is a bit odd).

Brooks and his cupcake

Hudson trying his cupcake

He was trying to get the candle

Our Big BOY!

The Jaspers Boys are Still HERE

The past few weeks have been pretty crazy around here. We have all taken our turns of being sick. I don't know how many doctor appointments we have gone to, medicines we have taken, smells we have had to get out of our house, I don't need to go on, but its been a rough few weeks, though I think we are coming out of the woods!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Baby Dedication

Joy Praying for Hudson while Pastor Allen prayed

I have been wanting to get Hudson dedicated at church for a while but could never seem to plan it around Clint being home Hudson being well and off course dedications Sunday. But today he was finally able to get dedicated. We were able to get a few pictures but it was so crowded that we weren't able to get that many, (Thank you Deidre for taking the pictures!!) Hudson's Grandma the GREAT was able to come for the week to visit and it was great to have her be able to make it to Hudson dedication as well as my family and Clint's mom and all of our other friends from church.
I will be posting some picture soon, (on another camera) from Hudson's first haircut! I don't know why but it was pretty emotional for me. He is getting so big, and turns one on Saturday!!!