Friday, February 27, 2009

Valentine Birthday BOY

I still can't believe that Hudson is a year already! A year ago, I didn't think that a year would come this soon, Hudson has gone through so much this past year, and has come so far, we are so proud of him!

We were planning his birthday party and all the invitations were sent out, but the day before the party, we had to cancel, because Costner and Brooks got the stomach flu. But to make Hudson's day special, Costner and I made some cupcakes for Hudson, though Brooks was the only one who really ate them, we still had a lot of fun. (Costner doesn't eat any Cake, cupcakes, or ice cream, he is a bit odd).

Brooks and his cupcake

Hudson trying his cupcake

He was trying to get the candle

Our Big BOY!

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Schuyler and Shelley said...

Happy 1st Birthday Hudson!!! Looks like everyone had a good time! He is getting so big.