Monday, August 24, 2009

Costners First day of Kindergarten

Costner was so excited about his first day of school, he had a rough time going to sleep last night and woke up extra early this morning. A few of the kids that were in his Pre-k class are in his Kindergarten and we were so excited that he was able to keep his same teacher as last year, Mrs. Anderson, she moved up to teach Kindergarten!! When he got to his classroom and went to sit down at his spot he started to un-tuck his shirt, poor guy he rarely tucks his shirt in and never wears a belt, Oh well he will get used to it soon. Poor Brooks has been walking around the house all day saying were is my Brother, I want to go to school, he starts next Tuesday, so he is excited as well!

Costner in his class room
Walking into school
Clint and Costner
Costner and Mommy
He was ready to leave

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This past weekend the boys and I went to Galveston on Saturday for the day with five other family's. We all caravaneddown, we had three minivans, three trucks-suburban, and a TON of car seats!! The boys had a great time with all their friends, and the beach wasn't too bad, I did tell them on the way down that the water looked more like chocolate milk than the water in Florida, but they didn't seem to mind they had a blast!!

Costner and his friends looking for crabs, I think they found a few
Poor Brooks, he didn't want to go to the bathroom in the porter potty, (no restrooms since Ike) so he had a little accident, well big enough that his swim shorts didn't make the ride home!
Hudson ended up passing out
Brooksie Pie
The Girls!!! They all helped me out with all my stuff and my boys, and their husbands too!!
Costner and I, a little windblown
Boys and their snacks

Hudson and Mommy
Hudson and Melanie. Melanie is my friend who had a heart atack last October at 31 years old, she loves Hudson, she was holding him saying the two little miracles right here!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We took the boys to Destin in July, they had such a blast!! Everything with us is last minute so when we decided on going on vacation it was on a Sunday and we booked a place and left two days later. We ended up staying for the fourth of July, but didn't realize that leaving the day after that there would be so much traffic! It was a long drive but the boys did pretty good considering there was some issues, but off course just adds to the memories!

Costner and Brooks loved the Beach

Brooks liked to throw the sand!Hudson and Clint they look just alike!
He loved to sit in the water spouts!! He would just laugh and try to get the water
No one likes to go to Walmart!
Brooks eating his cereal on the balcony. We stayed on the ninth floor, and there was a balcony door in the master room and the living room, I only opened the door the first part of the week when the boys were sleeping, and told them the doors were broken. But towards the end we let them go outside and eat and on the fourth of July they were able to stay outside and watch the fireworks. I just was being a little over protective!!
Hudson cruising the pool

We had such a great time, next year we are going to have to go back longer, the boys had so much fun!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

So behind on posts... catching up..

Above is the last night, Family night and fire work night!
Costner loves fireworks.. (At a distance(that is another story)
Hudson and Grandpa, Hudson loves Grandpa, and the camera!!. Clint was out of town so my parents came with us to family night!

So since stupid facebook, I have been so behind on updating pictures. It's my goal in the next few days to update pictures of the boys through the summer.

So tonight's post is the week of Ark Kids Summer Camp, back in June. This year was my first year to volunteer for summer camp at church, I have always heard how much fun it was and that the kids had such a blast, and I have to say I had just as much fun as the kids. I was at the church from 8- almost 6, and the church had about 400 hundred kids from kindergarten to Fourth grade! For a week I was with twenty third grade girls from 8:30 to 5:00, wow!! Insane!! But they were so much fun, but I can see why God has blessed me with three boys!!! I had such a great time!! While I was helping out the boys were able to go to a camp as well, they were able to do most all of the same activities that the older kids got to do, and they had a blast! Though when the week was over, we were all exhausted!!! It was such a blessing to help out and to see kids lives changed!! It will definitely be a yearly thing for me, it was such an awesome experience!!!