Wednesday, August 12, 2009


We took the boys to Destin in July, they had such a blast!! Everything with us is last minute so when we decided on going on vacation it was on a Sunday and we booked a place and left two days later. We ended up staying for the fourth of July, but didn't realize that leaving the day after that there would be so much traffic! It was a long drive but the boys did pretty good considering there was some issues, but off course just adds to the memories!

Costner and Brooks loved the Beach

Brooks liked to throw the sand!Hudson and Clint they look just alike!
He loved to sit in the water spouts!! He would just laugh and try to get the water
No one likes to go to Walmart!
Brooks eating his cereal on the balcony. We stayed on the ninth floor, and there was a balcony door in the master room and the living room, I only opened the door the first part of the week when the boys were sleeping, and told them the doors were broken. But towards the end we let them go outside and eat and on the fourth of July they were able to stay outside and watch the fireworks. I just was being a little over protective!!
Hudson cruising the pool

We had such a great time, next year we are going to have to go back longer, the boys had so much fun!!