Monday, August 24, 2009

Costners First day of Kindergarten

Costner was so excited about his first day of school, he had a rough time going to sleep last night and woke up extra early this morning. A few of the kids that were in his Pre-k class are in his Kindergarten and we were so excited that he was able to keep his same teacher as last year, Mrs. Anderson, she moved up to teach Kindergarten!! When he got to his classroom and went to sit down at his spot he started to un-tuck his shirt, poor guy he rarely tucks his shirt in and never wears a belt, Oh well he will get used to it soon. Poor Brooks has been walking around the house all day saying were is my Brother, I want to go to school, he starts next Tuesday, so he is excited as well!

Costner in his class room
Walking into school
Clint and Costner
Costner and Mommy
He was ready to leave