Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This past weekend the boys and I went to Galveston on Saturday for the day with five other family's. We all caravaneddown, we had three minivans, three trucks-suburban, and a TON of car seats!! The boys had a great time with all their friends, and the beach wasn't too bad, I did tell them on the way down that the water looked more like chocolate milk than the water in Florida, but they didn't seem to mind they had a blast!!

Costner and his friends looking for crabs, I think they found a few
Poor Brooks, he didn't want to go to the bathroom in the porter potty, (no restrooms since Ike) so he had a little accident, well big enough that his swim shorts didn't make the ride home!
Hudson ended up passing out
Brooksie Pie
The Girls!!! They all helped me out with all my stuff and my boys, and their husbands too!!
Costner and I, a little windblown
Boys and their snacks

Hudson and Mommy
Hudson and Melanie. Melanie is my friend who had a heart atack last October at 31 years old, she loves Hudson, she was holding him saying the two little miracles right here!!