Sunday, March 28, 2010

Loving the Spring time!!

The boys are loving to be able to play outside, everyday they are outside playing, it's great!! Saturday we had a birthday party to go to, Sarah Kate, and the boys were about to go on a little Easter egg hunt and have fun with their friends. Saturday afternoon we spent the entire day outside, playing in the yard, and we ended the day with a little bit of playing in the sprinklers. This was Hudson's first time to go in the sprinklers and he had a great time, but didn't really like the feeling of being in wet clothes after he was done!

Hudson wanted to jump

He is ready for some Baseball!!
My cool Boys!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jasper Family Get Away

Friday we decided to take off, not really having any plans, just packed a spend the night bag and off we went. The only problem was that I think that everyone in Houston decided to get out as well, because we ran into so much traffic. We ended up taking the kids to Kemah, which was so packed the kids were not able to do anything! So back in the car we went only to find more traffic, after getting so frustrated we ended up coming back home and making it in by 8:30pm. Though the boys did have fun and said thank you for our little trip! Next time we are going to plan out everything much better I think this will be the last, last minute trip the Jasper Family will take!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring time

Since it has been spring break the boys have been staying up a bit later than normall, but they are having a good time playing and enjoying a week off of school. This past Saturday we had a busy day, started out by Hudson getting a his glasses and then spending a little bit of time at the park, I think he is really enjoying being able to see so much better! Poor guy he is probably thinking, oh that's what my family looks like, his eyes were bad!! WE are so proud of him because he actually keeps them on! Saturday afternoon we had a crawfish boil at Clint's parents house, since his dad was in from Australia, but poor Clint was still in Oklahoma. The boys had a great time running around with their cousins and spending time with meme and papa. Sunday after church and naptime the boys and I walked around the mall, and then around the riverwalk, since it was such a beautiful day we wanted to get out and enjoy it!

Friday Hudson and I went down to meet with the skeletal dysplasia group at Texas Children's, they are definitely saying that Hudson does have the Spondyloepiphyseal type of dwarfism, but does not appear to be that bad! Hudson was originally diagnosed with Sticklers syndrome, but now they are re-diagnosing him with dwarfism, they have a lot of the same issues, but that he will be a bit shorter. The doctors wanted us to have some more x-Rays of his spine, and they want to monitor him on a yearly basis. Monday he and I went down again to TCH to see his plastic surgeon that corrected his cleft palate, the palate had opened slightly and we were worried he would need another surgery soon. I also was concerned because he isn't really talking much and when he does say his few words they are sounding very nasally. But the doctors didn't seem to be too concerned and said the would re-evaluate him next year. So all good news!

Clint came home on Monday night, he was only gone a week, but it felt like so much longer. I think because he doesn't travel as often that when he does go it seems so LONG! Tuesday we spent the day as a family and took the kids to seven acre woods to run around and play before the rains came in. The evening we spent with Clint's family again, so the kids went to bed very late, and they are a bit tired today!

Trying to get everyone to get a picture
They now look exactly a like

Seven Acre Woods
Riverwalk, they both wanted out!

Papa, Jasper, and Hudson
Stash, Brooks, and Hudson
Hudson loves to get on Brooks Scooter

Sunday, March 7, 2010

End of Basketball Season and Strep Throat... what a weekend

We had a very eventful weekend. Friday we started the day off with Brooks waking up at 3 am with a high fever, and since this was his second day running fever, I though it might be time to go to the Doctor. Normally when I take one to the Doctor I try to have either my mom or Clint's mom to come over and watch the other 2 guys... But for the next few weeks they are gone. (My parents are in Israel for two weeks, and England a week after that, and Clint's mom has gone up to visit her other home in Oregon. ) The boys and I all went to the Doctor to find out that Brooks had strep throat, the doctor was nice enough to give me a prescription for Hudson and Costner just in case they also got Strep over the weekend, and off course Brooks was nice enough to share his germs with Hudson and Costner. Saturday morning Costner had his last basketball game and he was so excited to get his trophy!! I should have know that Costner wasn't feeling well because he was so well behaved and quiet while we went out to lunch. And later that afternoon Costner and Hudson started running fevers and having all the same systems that go along with Strep, thank Goodness for the prescriptions!!

Needless to say we had a long weekend at home. But the good news to that is the house is pretty much cleaned up and the laundry is done, well that is until tomorrow. This week is pretty busy for us, Clint is heading up to Oklahoma, and this is the boys last week of the first swim lesson session, which they love!! Hudson goes to see TCH's Skeletal Dysplasia Group on Friday, it will be interesting to see what they have to say, this is our first time to see them since he was diagnosed with dwarfism. I will keep you posted.