Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring time

Since it has been spring break the boys have been staying up a bit later than normall, but they are having a good time playing and enjoying a week off of school. This past Saturday we had a busy day, started out by Hudson getting a his glasses and then spending a little bit of time at the park, I think he is really enjoying being able to see so much better! Poor guy he is probably thinking, oh that's what my family looks like, his eyes were bad!! WE are so proud of him because he actually keeps them on! Saturday afternoon we had a crawfish boil at Clint's parents house, since his dad was in from Australia, but poor Clint was still in Oklahoma. The boys had a great time running around with their cousins and spending time with meme and papa. Sunday after church and naptime the boys and I walked around the mall, and then around the riverwalk, since it was such a beautiful day we wanted to get out and enjoy it!

Friday Hudson and I went down to meet with the skeletal dysplasia group at Texas Children's, they are definitely saying that Hudson does have the Spondyloepiphyseal type of dwarfism, but does not appear to be that bad! Hudson was originally diagnosed with Sticklers syndrome, but now they are re-diagnosing him with dwarfism, they have a lot of the same issues, but that he will be a bit shorter. The doctors wanted us to have some more x-Rays of his spine, and they want to monitor him on a yearly basis. Monday he and I went down again to TCH to see his plastic surgeon that corrected his cleft palate, the palate had opened slightly and we were worried he would need another surgery soon. I also was concerned because he isn't really talking much and when he does say his few words they are sounding very nasally. But the doctors didn't seem to be too concerned and said the would re-evaluate him next year. So all good news!

Clint came home on Monday night, he was only gone a week, but it felt like so much longer. I think because he doesn't travel as often that when he does go it seems so LONG! Tuesday we spent the day as a family and took the kids to seven acre woods to run around and play before the rains came in. The evening we spent with Clint's family again, so the kids went to bed very late, and they are a bit tired today!

Trying to get everyone to get a picture
They now look exactly a like

Seven Acre Woods
Riverwalk, they both wanted out!

Papa, Jasper, and Hudson
Stash, Brooks, and Hudson
Hudson loves to get on Brooks Scooter

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