Monday, June 30, 2008

Brooks and Costner

Costner has been doing so good at Camp, he loves it, though he comes home and he is so tired, (he goes to bed very early). While Costner is at camp, Brooks and Hudson and I just do things around the house, its funny how much quieter it is when one kid isn't home...

New Hudson Pictures

With Daddy at Texas Childrens
Waiting to go back!

Ok... so I am so behind on posts... but does that really suprise anyone. Were to begin, Hudson went in this last Thursday to get his jaw distraction off, and to have his larengoscepy, (I know misspelled, but an ENT puts a camera down his airway to see how good his airway is). Everything turned out wonderful, the doctor said that his airway is great, probably better than ours, which is great news and means that he jaw distraction was a success and that he wont need a trach!!! We had to be at Texas Childrens at six am on Thursday and we were out by ten it was so fast, and he did so good! So as of now it looks like the next surgery will be sometime this fall or winter to fix his cleft palate (in his mouth), untill then we will work with him on sucking so that soon he will be able to take a bottle! He has always taken a pacifier, but the past few days he has found his thumb, everytime I turn around he takes his pacifer out and has his thumb in it cracks me up! He looks just like Brooks!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Update on Camp, and Hudson

Just to update on Camp, he loves it... He didn't want to leave yesterday. We are so glad he is enjoying it so much! Also just a Hudson update tomorrow he goes in to Texas Childrens to get his distraction off!! We are so excited, I will post pictures soon of him with nothing on his face!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Costners 1st Day of CAMP

Today is Costners first day at Summer Day Camp, he was so excited!! We are hoping he has a great day!!! I will post more on his first day later, until then I am off to target with two kids!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Had to get out of the house...

Yesterday the boys and I were going a little crazy in the house, so we ran out to Market Street so the boys could play in the water for a bit. Though it was so HOT out they had a lot of fun, though Brooks wanted to climb in the fountains by the Jasper's, and he wasn't too happy that I kept on telling him no... Needless to say I think that people from Tommy Bahama got a nice show of Brook's temper... it was a little embarrassing, thankfully my mom was there so we could divide and conquer between the boys.

Costner was so tired yesterday that when he went to bed he was pretty quiet... well when I went upstairs to check on him later that evening I found him sleeping in the hallway, I thought it was so cute...

One Week From Today

One week from today and Hudson will finally have the Jaw distraction off!! We are so excited!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers day

Poor Clint on Father’s Day we just got him a card, when he deserves so much more. He is such a great dad, and is so supportive to the family and always works so hard for us all; I am so blessed to have him and the boys to have him! This weekend we didn’t really do much Saturday the boys, including Clint, played in their pool, they have now discovered how to move their pool under the swing slide and then slide down… probably not the smartest move, but they had fun. For Father’s day my family came over for BBQ! And we celebrated Fathers day with them, crazy but always fun.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Brooks was being so cute the other day I had some cute pictures of him and had to post. He is getting a cute little personality on him. He is starting to talk alot more, I was getting a little worried because he wasn't talking much, but then again he is the middle child... He is such a happy little boy, as long as he has his thumb and his little green elephant!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Hudson Update

Forgot a little Hudson update. He is doing so good, and he is such an easy baby! He is getting his jaw distraction off on June 26th!!! Yeah we are so excited, it should be just a easy day surgery and no hospital stay. He is also gaining weight, is up to eleven pounds, (which is so odd for me since Costner and Brooks were about eleven pounds at maybe a month if not before), and he is also reaching and grabbing toys, and looks and follows you around, the doctors are so impressed that he is doing so wel!! Also one HUGE THING, is that he has been sleeping through the night!!! YEAH we are able to get some much needed sleep! Now if we could work on Costner not coming downstairs till after eight we would be doing GREAT!!!


Clint talked me into getting a Wii a few months ago... and I wasn't too sure how the kids would do with it, but I think that Clint has just as much fun as the kids, ok and mabye I do too. But they all get into it so much!! This was the other night right before bedtime... and yes they are all playing in their boxers!

Just a lazy Sunday

Again I am running behind on posting some pictures… I am so bad at this …but I am forcing myself to do this, I really enjoy it, just trying to find the time.

So the other week, the kids off course love it outside, and since its so hot, they ran around in the sprinklers, even Clint. Hudson and I just watched, but we got some cute pictures of them, they love outside and water, I guess typical boys.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hudson and his pacifier

Hudson loves his pacifier, but has a hard time holding it in because of his cleft in his mouth, so I got some pictures of him holding it in himself... he is so smart!!

Normal Afternoon with the boys

He is so cute!!

So who says staying at home you just sit around doing nothing through the day... not me... I dont have time for it, instead I sit outside being a referee to the boys and the crazy things they do, like take last night I swear we now have a sand box upstairs in the bathtub from all the sand they bring in!!!

Costner how could he ever do anything wrong!!

Brooks on his way!!
Yes they should join the circus!!
Snack time, now they both had to wear helmits
So cute ....

Memorial Day

So I am doing a horrible job on keeping up with this, imagine that... But I had a few cute pictures from Memorial day, of the kids goofing around in the back yard. Clint was out of town and my family came over to spend time with the kiddos they had fun watching the boys jump into their very small pool!

Brooks Jumping In
Costner jumped in, man it looked like it would hurt, but he kept on going.
They are always doing something with tools, I find them everywhere... (dont worry they are kids tools)
Hudson loves it outside, in the shade of course...
Brooks loves putting his face all the way under....