Monday, June 30, 2008

New Hudson Pictures

With Daddy at Texas Childrens
Waiting to go back!

Ok... so I am so behind on posts... but does that really suprise anyone. Were to begin, Hudson went in this last Thursday to get his jaw distraction off, and to have his larengoscepy, (I know misspelled, but an ENT puts a camera down his airway to see how good his airway is). Everything turned out wonderful, the doctor said that his airway is great, probably better than ours, which is great news and means that he jaw distraction was a success and that he wont need a trach!!! We had to be at Texas Childrens at six am on Thursday and we were out by ten it was so fast, and he did so good! So as of now it looks like the next surgery will be sometime this fall or winter to fix his cleft palate (in his mouth), untill then we will work with him on sucking so that soon he will be able to take a bottle! He has always taken a pacifier, but the past few days he has found his thumb, everytime I turn around he takes his pacifer out and has his thumb in it cracks me up! He looks just like Brooks!

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