Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hudson and his feet

Hudson has discovered his feet!!! He has been talking up a storm lately, but he likes to have your full attention, if not he gets a little upset. He has a busy upcoming week, physical therapy, speech, and echo, and a swallow study those both downtown. We are hoping and praying that we have good news from the swallow study so that he can start eating soon, but he has been doing so good on his baby food! And one more doctor appointment, a weight gain check up, they are a little concerned about his weight, he weighs 13.4, so little he still is in his three month clothes.

Other news the other two are doing good, just keeping busy. Costner is so excited he starts soccer this week at the YMCA, I am officially a soccer mom now!!! Practices start this week and he has eight games starting in the next month, pictures to come soon.

I was walking away from him
and this is what happens
The men in my life (minus one Clint is in Indonesia hurry home!) aren't they adorable!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

My Smart Hudson

I just had to share how smart Hudson is... He still isn't feeling well but, he was taking his nap and I heard him coughing so I ran in to check on him. He was fine and still sleeping but restless, I watched him grab his pacifier while his eyes were closed, feel around it and put it in his mouth with his eyes close and I didn't help him!!! I was so proud of him, and I thought it was so cute!!

The past week with Hudson

The past few week we have had to take Hudson to the ER twice. The first was the night of the Hurricane, and then we took him in again Friday night. (the er is a really special place!!) The first visit he was running a high fever and I didn't want to take any chances that he had some how aspirated. They ended up saying that he had just a normal kid virus, which Clint and I were very happy to hear this and nothing else. Then Friday afternoon, his fever spiked again along with some irregular breathing patterns, I called our pediatrician and she wanted us to go in and have some test run. Seven hours later, they still said a virus, but now with some breathing issues. I am hoping that he gets better soon because you can tell that something is wrong, so we will be going back to the doctor on Monday morning. I will post later on how that goes, but hopefully no more er visits, especially because Clint had to fly out to Indonesia yesterday, there is never a dull moment in our house!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

We made it through IKE

Our house ready for Ike
Boys camping in the bathroom
House after IKE, my poor trees...
Clint and the neighbors cleaning up the yard
Dinner every night with the neighbors

The Jasper family made it through IKE, and believe it or not it wasn't that bad. We ended up staying home, stocking up and boarding up our bedroom window and our bathroom window, and we bunkered down in our room with the kiddos in our bathroom. We told the boys they got to camp out in our bathroom, so we brought down a mattress and they slept in our bathroom. We didn't have that much damage to our house, there are others in our neighborhood that are far worse than us, but we did have a tree fall on our house, but not much damage. (dang it I was hoping it would take out our kitchen cabinets, but no such luck). The past few days with out electricity has actually been fun, I know crazy. Every night we had dinner in our front yard with our neighbors and about four family's would all come over and eat dinner it was so much fun. Our neighbors were nice enough to plug in our deep freezer and charge Hudson's pump to their generator, and then they ended finding us a generator as well, which was such a blessing!! I even washed a load of clothes in our bathtub and hung them out to dry, Clint was pretty impressed by that! We finally have electricity on and we getting back to normall around here.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Past Week

What a week! The boys started school this week. Costner is doing well he goes to four day PreK, I still can't believe that next year it will be kindergarten, YIKES, were does the time go. Brooks goes to school two days, and he was very excited that he has the same teacher as last year. Hudson has been doing very well, we went to the doctor this week for his six month check up, (even though he is almost seven months), he weighs 13.3, we are very excited that he is gaining weight still!! Though he has been very cranky the past few days, he has been teething pretty bad, and he now has two teeth!! He also has been doing very well on eating babyfood a few times a day, we are scheduled to have his swallow study done on the 17th, so hopefully we will have good news!!

Costner at the Wilkes House
Pretending to drive his cousins
NO IDEA!! I am just glad he didn't fall!
Hudson playing, he loves to keep his feet straight up in the air!!!
And he leaves them there for a long time!
Brooks and daddy going to class
Brooks and his Teacher Mrs. Laura
Brooks driving on Costner's bike