Friday, September 5, 2008

The Past Week

What a week! The boys started school this week. Costner is doing well he goes to four day PreK, I still can't believe that next year it will be kindergarten, YIKES, were does the time go. Brooks goes to school two days, and he was very excited that he has the same teacher as last year. Hudson has been doing very well, we went to the doctor this week for his six month check up, (even though he is almost seven months), he weighs 13.3, we are very excited that he is gaining weight still!! Though he has been very cranky the past few days, he has been teething pretty bad, and he now has two teeth!! He also has been doing very well on eating babyfood a few times a day, we are scheduled to have his swallow study done on the 17th, so hopefully we will have good news!!

Costner at the Wilkes House
Pretending to drive his cousins
NO IDEA!! I am just glad he didn't fall!
Hudson playing, he loves to keep his feet straight up in the air!!!
And he leaves them there for a long time!
Brooks and daddy going to class
Brooks and his Teacher Mrs. Laura
Brooks driving on Costner's bike

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