Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hudson Eating!!

This past week I took Hudson to a feeding specialist at Texas Children’s, and she thought we should be able to start Hudson on some baby food. Hudson hasn’t eaten anything by mouth the past four months, so he really doesn’t know what to do with his mouth. I just give him a little baby food on a spoon and then give him his pacifier so that helps him swallow the food, or at least some of it. We are going to try this for the next two weeks about two to three times a day and then we are going back into TCH for another swallow study, and they are going to do the study the same way we have been doing the baby food, on a spoon then on his pacifier. Hopefully the study will go well and we can start to teach him how to eat again. Below are a few pictures of him trying to eat, he gets pretty messy, but he seems to like it.

He is doing so much better on holding his head up and looking around!!
Tonight he had enough and feel asleep!


Schuyler & Shelley Kutina said...

Too cute. Just another step under his belt. Sounds like he is on a good track. Man he loves those fingers doesn't he???

Marsha Cashdollar said...

ha-ha he is so funny! It was great to see you and meet him finally on Sunday :)

markandlorissa said...

Yea for Hudson! It's so great that he's eating solids!!! We can't wait for our babies to meet soon!