Monday, August 18, 2008

Rainy Monday

Well we didn't do much today, just ran a few errands and attempted to clean up the house. Costner had a good day at camp, this is his last week, and then next week is the boys last week before they both start school! Costner had a little bit of a rough day at camp but still had fun through all of his events. His teachers had to call me this morning because he had stepped in an ant pile and they bite him all over and his legs and feet and then they started to swell. Then later that day he was running outside to the main building and fell in a puddle of water, face first, and then he was in the bathroom and slipped and hit his head on the toilet. I guess we can know were he gets all his clumsiness from, ME, poor kid. His teachers said even through all his issues today he still managed to have a great day!

Below are a few pictures of the boys after bath time, laying on our bed watching Diego, they looked so cute. A little update on Brooks and his bed issues, he is doing great being out of his crib now, he just goes right to sleep on his bed!!! Yeah that was a smooth transition, thank goodness!! And a little Clint update, he is scheduled to come in this week, finally we are all ready for him he has been gone for a month!

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