Thursday, August 7, 2008

When God Speaks

Today I was out running some errands while Micah, my brother, watched the boys (2/3 of them were sleeping). I was in such a hurry trying to go and get a few groceries most importantly sprite, because Costner had been throwing up last night and today.

I had finished my errands and was driving home, and I drove past this old building that was being renovated. The building has been there for years, and was right across the high school, and I just started remember how when I was in high school it was a convenient store (a trashy one) and I would always see people over there hanging out. It then was renovated to some dentistry type office, and today when I drove by it was completely renovated again. I remember driving by a few weeks ago and it look like they were gutting it, but today it was a NICE building and you could tell that a lot of work and money had been put in it, and all I could think was, why would the owners put that much money it this OLD building, why wouldn't they tear it down and start over. Within seconds of driving past this building it hit me, God just doesn't give up on us, and say oh look at Shannon she has made so many mistakes in her life, no the complete opposite, He loves us so much that He builds us back up to something beautiful and new in HIM.

So just by driving by this building, I felt how much God really truly loves me and us. I just had to share that in just the little things we can see his love for us.


Tanni said...

That is awesome Shannon. Thanks for sharing and listening to God. I will say a little prayer for your stomach virus.

Schuyler & Shelley Kutina said...

Shannon, what an awesome message you are sharing. You are completely right....he never gives up.

Josharoo said...

Good word.

So, what Sunday are you preaching this?

Our Blessed Family said...

thank you for sharing this, i love moments like that! and i know exactly what building you are talking about lol... i wonder what its going to be :)

Shannon2-24 said...

I just read this post today..
in July I was driving home from the house we purchased (& were doing some remodeling on before moving in).. I was downhearted thinking of how I wish we could afford to buy a newer home, & thinking of the things I didn't like about the home we bought (& how it didn't have all the things we had said the year or two before which wanted in a home- compromised on desires). Then God played a newer song on the radio that spoke of God taking old things & making them new; ALSO just while driving by an exit for a city named Newcastle. I didn't even know of this city; hardly having driven this certain hwy. This made me so thankful for how He loves me & also calmed my discontent. It also made me so grateful Josh is willing to work so hard on re-doing some things on the home; reminding me how Josh's heart reflects God's.. to make something nice for his bride.

I'm delighted this is in your heart too!

Shannon2-24 said...

Hey, I just saw a poem on Jessica's poetry blog that is similar to this & thought you'd like to read it.

There's a link to her poetry blog from her blog list on the side bar.

Written April 1