Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hudson turned six months Already!

Hudson turned six months on the 14Th, he is getting so big and is looking so much more like Costner and Brooks. Brooks can be a little rough with him, and Costner is so sweet with him, the other day I heard him telling Hudson not to worry that he was too little to get spankings, it was so cute! Hudson is always watching Costner around, but I think he is a little scared of Brooks.

This past week Hudson had a couple therapy sessions, physical and speech, they both said that he is doing good and getting stronger. I also met with the surgeon that will be correcting his cleft, and the surgery date has been set, for October 28Th! We are very excited! This past week came with other news, Hudson had been having some genetic testing done and we have been waiting for the results for the past few months, they were testing for Stickler syndrome which sometimes comes along with the Pierre Robin (which he has), and it looks like he has the syndrome as well. We are going to meet with the doctors downtown in two weeks to lay out a plan of what we will need to do. What we have been told and what I have read is that Stickler syndrome has a lot to do with eyes, ears, (hearing loss) and muscle and joint issues. When we met with the Genetics doctors a few months ago, they said that if Hudson did have Sticklers that they were just going to make a plan of things we need to keep an eye out for and have checked frequently. After we meet with them in two weeks we will have a better understanding on what our next steps will be.

Below are some pictures of Hudson trying to sit up, he was doing such a good job, I am so proud of him, he was sitting in his chair trying his hardest to hold his head up, and he sat there for a while. The lack of muscle control that he does not have, I am told is also part of the Stickler syndrome, though he will be able to gain control eventually.
A little update on Brooks... WOW HE IS BECOMING SUCH A HANDFUL!!! He has been really pushing his terrible two buttons!!! He has been climbing out of his crib, so tonight he is sleeping on his mattress on the floor. I know time to put him in a big boy bed.

Hudson trying to look at Costner playing the Wii

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Marsha Cashdollar said...

I am so sorry to hear about the Stickler's results. I know you know that our god is bigger than any disease though. Your always in my prayers, let me know if you ever need anything. Have a wonderful week!