Sunday, August 10, 2008

Another weekend gone...without Clint

Boys playing in their Permanent Tent Outside
Hudson loves to try to chew on all his toys now!! Yeah, Progress!!
Brooks loves to give Hugs and kisses, (open mouth beware) below he is giving Uncle Nathan a kiss
Costner getting out of the shower, he has been such a big boy, he even is helping with the dishes now
The boys trying to push the tree over....

Clint is now in Austria, he has been there for about a week, and the pictures that he has sent are amazing, I am just hoping that he is going to want to come back home to HUMIDITY!! Just joking I know that he will.

The weekend with the boys no major events so that is good. The boys had play date on Saturday morning at our house with some friends and they all had a great time, (thank you Katie, it was wonderful to have some adult conversation!) Sunday the boys and I went to church, only to get in to find that there was no electricity, which meant no children's church. Costner was excited to go into main service, since we were sitting with Katie and her family, but Brooks kept on yelling Walle, Walle, it was pretty embarrassing and then Hudson started to cry, so needless to say we ended up leaving. I know that we weren't the only family with small kids in the service, (because it was packed and dark and hot) but I am thinking I was the only one with a two year old screaming Walle... so we ended up going to Sam's and beating the rush.

After church my family came over and we ate an early dinner and the kids played outside, and we sat around watching old Doris Day movies, I know sounds pathetic, but we had a great time.

Hudson has a doctor's appointment downtown tomorrow at TCH with the plastic surgeon who will be fixing his cleft, so I will update once I have more details.

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Our Blessed Family said...

it was our joy hon!!! i cant wait till next time