Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hudson and his feet

Hudson has discovered his feet!!! He has been talking up a storm lately, but he likes to have your full attention, if not he gets a little upset. He has a busy upcoming week, physical therapy, speech, and echo, and a swallow study those both downtown. We are hoping and praying that we have good news from the swallow study so that he can start eating soon, but he has been doing so good on his baby food! And one more doctor appointment, a weight gain check up, they are a little concerned about his weight, he weighs 13.4, so little he still is in his three month clothes.

Other news the other two are doing good, just keeping busy. Costner is so excited he starts soccer this week at the YMCA, I am officially a soccer mom now!!! Practices start this week and he has eight games starting in the next month, pictures to come soon.

I was walking away from him
and this is what happens
The men in my life (minus one Clint is in Indonesia hurry home!) aren't they adorable!


Josharoo said...
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BethC said...

Hi Shannon
I am so proud of you for doing this blog, and I am thankful that Hudson is making such great progress. You are stronger than you thought, I bet. I remember when my 3 were that age(s), and I look back barely able to believe how I got through each day/month/year. In addition to 3 boys in common, we also have your family's support, love and dedication that helped me get through it all.
I read everyone of your posts, and i am so amazed to see how blessed your family is.
Great Blog!

Josharoo said...

Very cute! Hudson is eyeing those animal crackers in the group picture. He’s about to make a lunge for them!