Thursday, July 31, 2008

What a Week

It’s been a bit of a rough week around our house. For some reason I can’t get much done around the house. Hudson had thereopy appointments at the house every day except Friday, and he has so many of them I forgot about one, and we weren’t here. I have got to become more organized. I seriously don’t know how Mom’s of Big Family’s do it. The other day I asked mom how she did it, she said only by God’s grace, I believe it, and I only have three!

Costner has had a bad cold this week, and he has had a rough week, well he and I have had a rough week together, (disciplinary issues!!!), I think that he is having a rough time with Clint being out of town, I am hoping that next week will be a much better week for him.

Brooks has been good though he has to do everything that Costner does. I MEAN EVERYTHING! I was in Target the other day and they were both in the stroller and down every isle they both were saying TOUCH, TOUCH, TOUCH, and it wasn’t quiet. Needless to say I had a headache by the time that I got them back into the truck. Though I must be an idiot because I had to back to Target a few hours later (different location) this time they weren’t saying TOUCH the entire time they were hitting each other and pulling each other’s hair. I want to pull my hair out!!!

Hudson has been good. I have stopped his milk drip at night and have added another feed during the day and have increased his feeds, and so far he seems to be managing that well. This week he met with his dietitian, occupational and physical therapist, they all said that he is doing well, but that he needs more tummy time, which he doesn’t seem to like. He has been putting all his fingers in his mouth and just chewing on them, so I think that he is getting some teeth, but thankfully he hasn’t been fussy yet.

All this to say that I haven’t gotten many pictures at all this week, actually I just pulled the camera out today, I am hoping and praying that tomorrow and next week will be a much better week.

Pictures of Hudson during his physical therapy appointment

He had four fingers in
Fingers from both hands in

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Our Blessed Family said...

i'm sorry you've had a hard week hon, you and the little guys have been in my thoughts! lots of hugs