Monday, July 14, 2008

Attempting to save some money vent

So Clint and I are seriously on a DAVE RAMSEY money diet! So in my attempt to "help out", don't laugh, I have colored my hair dark, and its pretty dark, after I don't know how many YEARS of being blonde I am helping our family save money by not getting my hair colored, and I actually love it!!

Now the downside of this is that I thought I would help save a bit more money and just cut the boys hair instead of taking them to Snip Its in the mall. Lets just say that didn't goes as well. Needless to say the next few post pictures of Costner and Brooks they will probably be wearing HATS. At least their hair grows fast!


Jess said...

i bet your hair looks great! i am blonde-ing myself now, but i have pretty much fried my texture... good thing I keep it short!

and you know you were hot in high school!

Schuyler & Shelley Kutina said...

I am sure your hair looks great. I did the same thing a few years ago and boy has it saved me money and plus it was a nice change. The boys are very cute and growing fast. Take care.

Anonymous said...

wow...i thought that we were the only ones on the dave ramsey diet! it is extremely hard when all i have ever been trained is to spend. in fact even to the point of overcompensating and buying more than i need for fear of not having it when i need it.....ahhhh! good luck with your challenge. by the way there are ways to save on hair cuts without having to do it yourself....wal-mart does kids cuts for $8

Anonymous said...


Love to visit the blog and hear how things are going. Get Clint to take a picture of your hair so I can see!

Aunt Vicky Schluter