Wednesday, July 2, 2008

What a Day

Today was a crazy day. Needless to say that right now I having a glass of wine if that is any indication on how today has been. Costner woke up still not feeling well, I know it sounds so bad, but he is such a good boy when he is sick. Anyways he has an ear infection, I am assuming from all the swimming that he has been doing, so he had to stay home from camp today, so we had a lot of TV watching and Wii playing today. Brooks has been waking up very early lately, and he was fine during the first half of the day, but the second half, OH MY he was a handful, he didn't really take a nap and he was so fussy, let me rephrase that he did a lot of screaming this afternoon. Hudson is always so easy, but this afternoon he just wanted to be held all day, and its kind of hard holding him all day and dealing with the other boys and did I mention the house...Yeah it wasn't a pretty sight. Thankfully my mom came over this afternoon and held Hudson for a while so that I could get some cleaning done, and then later on Micah came over to play with the boys so that I could cook dinner, they are such lifesavers!! So there are no picture posting today, I did take some but then I realized that I am an idiot and I didn't have the camera card in. I am hoping that tomorrow that Costner will be feeling better and that will have a much smoother day around the Jasper House.

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Kimberly Bledsoe said...

You are truly super-mom! You need a cape or something... and to think that you even cooked dinner, it probably would have been easy-mac night at my house... impressive, very impressive!