Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long weekend with the boys

This weekend it was just me and the boys. Clint left Friday night to south Texas to help out a rig that was having some issues, but he is now back, so it was a quick trip, but a long weekend for the boys and I. Spend Friday night at Grandma and Grandpa’s didn’t happen this weekend because they are in Minnesota for my Grandma’s 80th Birthday Party, but the boys have called them a lot checking up on them, I am sure they really enjoyed that. So needless to say the only real excitement that we had around here is going to Target yesterday with Eileen and church this morning, and let me say that is an event. Getting all three boys to church on time is something I am going to have to work on, we all make it in to church, (I have to say that Costner is a big help, he helps push Hudson and makes sure Brooks gets to his class, and then he goes to his class) But by the time I walk in to church, check them into their classes, I am sweating! And then it all starts over again on our way back out to the car, by the time I got home I had to change it looks like I ran a marathon. Off course it is all worth it but man it’s a lot of work, so next week our mission is to try to be on time with out sweating!

Costner playing outside

Brooks standing on his tool bench in the sandbox

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Schuyler & Shelley Kutina said...

Those boys are so cute and growing so fast. I bet they have a lot of fun playing together.