Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Our weekend... UGH...

Well our fourth of July wasn't very exciting this year. Well yes it was Clint flew in on Friday from Scotland, so that was exciting! But other than that we stayed at home all weekend. Costner still was feeling sick with his ear and a cold, and he was nice enough to share his cold with Brooks, and off-course Brooks got it much worse than Costner. We were stuck inside with the three boys all weekend that by Sunday evenging we needed a break! So Costner and Brooks went to my parents to spend some time with them for a few hours, Clint and I didn't know what to do with ourselves it was so quiet, with just Hudson. My parents seeing that we are in need of a break offered that the boys, (Costner and Brooks) spend every Friday night at their house, the boys are very excited! Since there is now only going to be two left at my parents house (Nathan, and Ginger) , the boys are finally going to get their own room there, off course Clint and I are very excited about this, that means more spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's!

We started this week off by lots of doctor visits. Costner was behind on his four year old check up so he had that on Monday, he did pretty good, he had to get some shots so he has been complaining that his legs hurt, but other than that he is good. And just an update on camp he LOVES it, I had to pick him up early yesterday and he didn't want to leave, he was crying so today Clint dropped him off early, he was pretty excited that Dad was taking him instead of Mom.

Today Hudson had a doctor's appointment, his four month, (even though he is almost 5 months) he is doing good, they are a little concerned on his weight and how small he is, he dropped down a few ounces to 11.8, poor guy still the 0-3 month clothes are falling off of him. The Doctor wanted us to up his feedings to help him gain some weight! Other than that he is doing very good!

I better get some stuff done before I need to pick up Costner and before Brooks wakes up from his nap, though a nap sounds good, but oh well!!

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