Monday, July 14, 2008

Mommys Little Monkey "Hudson"

I was trying to get some pictures of Hudson, and was trying to make him sit up, but he still doesn't have that much control with holding his head. (still like holding a new born) But he will get it soon. He was laughing and smiling a lot but as soon as I would take a picture he would stop, I will try to get some more later. He five months today, and is so cute!


Anonymous said...

hey need to check out jess clark blog at back old memories

Anonymous said...

oh by the way...Ive been reading your blog fonar a little over a month now. Entertaining to keep up with you and your boys.

Mama PC said...

hi neighbor!

what a lovely little family!!!

i hope you don't mind me sneaking a peak at your blog.... i saw the lovely picture on jess's spot...