Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hudson's Doctor's appointment

Hudson had to go to the doctor this morning to make sure he is still gaining weight good, so it has been a busy morning. We dropped Costner off at Camp this morning, which he couldn't get their fast enough, then ran back home and dropped Brooks off at home, Eileen was nice enough to watch him while Hudson and I went to the Dr. Good news he has gained weight, he is up to 12.2, and we are going to start weaning him off his milk drip at night and increasing his feeds during the day. After the doctor the boys and I went back to the Y, and for the first time I put Hudson in the little day care they have there so I could go and work out. He did very good, off course was spoiled and was held which he loves!! I will post some pictures later, I have got to get this house clean during nap time!

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