Tuesday, November 4, 2008

busy time....

Costner at his first soccer game
Hudson looking so CUTE

Brooks swinging

My Four Boys Eating, aren't they just too cute!!!

The past few weeks we have been so busy that I haven't posted anything in a while, I am so behind on everything. The Boys have been doing great, just keeping me very busy, school, soccer, home, and in the evening I am so tired, I crash. So just a short update on them. Costner is doing very good in school, we are so proud of him he loves it and is learning a lot, and he is doing very well in soccer as well, he told us that he wants to play EVERY sport!! Great, fun for me!! Brooks is going through the middle child syndrome very badly or the terribly two's I don't know what it is, but he has become my little handful. The day school tells me that he is so good at school and never gets into trouble, but at home, oh my, constantly picking on Costner, pushing, pitching, hitting, biting, and screaming YOUR A BAD BOY BROTHER!!! Needless to say I hope that this phase passes quickly! Hudson is doing very well, gaining weight good, and trying his hardest to sit up more, he goes in Thursday morning for surgery on his cleft palate, we are so exacted, I can't believe the day is almost here!! We are so blessed to be born in a time and age were this can be fixed!!! We are expected to be downtown for a few days, but will be posting updates while we are downtown, on his status. Please keep him in your prayers for a quick recovery!!!


Schuyler and Shelley said...

Great pics Shannon. Those boys are so cute and getting so big. I wish ya'll well durring the cleft pallet fixing and healing. I hope everything goes well. Take care!

markandlorissa said...

We will be thinking of you guys this week as Hudson goes in for his long-awaited surgery!

Anonymous said...

lots of love and prayers going out your way all this week...keep us updated.
The Davis'

Anonymous said...

havent heard from you in a couple of days....how are things going? Are you guys at home yet?