Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Boy Hudson - Nine Months OLD

Hudson Playing
The Blue Ring that has replaced the pacifier!

Clint and I can't believe that Hudson is Nine months old already (this past Friday), the time has gone by so fast! He is doing so much better and recovering very well from his cleft surgery, and this Friday he will be able to have his pacifier back!!! He is so used to it, that since he hasn't had it he wakes up all through the night. But since then he has grown attached to a little blue ring that he takes to bed with him and holds in his hand and close to his mouth, (I will take a picture of him doing it tonight, it is so cute). Better post the pictures and get back to cleaning before he wakes up and I have to get the other two kiddos from school.

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Giggles-N-Grins Boutique said...

i had to come here tonight and look at my little man. oooooh i wish i could hug him right now. we are all praying, for him, for you Shannon and for the whole family. we are thanking God for the healing that is to come and asking for peace to fill all of you. so so so many hugs
the fullers