Sunday, May 25, 2008


I have been taking so many pictures of Hudson the past few days, because I am so excited that he is home, so I though I would share some of them.


N. Shields said...

Best wishes to Hudson - get well soon! I just clicked "next blog" and came across you.

Jamie Kutter Photography said...

He looks so much like brooks! Especially in the smile picture! I'm so glad he is home.

Darryl said...

Shannon, we are so happy that Hudson is home. These are great pictures. You are a really good Mom! Don't worry about Brooks...he looked like he was having a great time on his slip-n-slide and they don't remember their 2nd birthdays anyway! You are doing a wonderful job.

We love you all,

Aunt Sandy & Uncle Darryl

Robyn said...

That smile looks just like Brooks!! He is so precious :o) So glad he is home!!

Suezette said...

Welcome Home Hudson!!!
Sweet pics:)