Monday, December 8, 2008

More adventures with Hudson

Brooks waiting for sugar cookies
Hudson chewing on a cup top
Playing with Costner

This past week has been very adventurous with Hudson... I took him to the Dr. on Wednesday because he was fighting with a bad cold for the past week, and it ended up that he had RSV. Of course I kind of freaked out because the entire time we were in the hospital with Hudson and all his issues there were signs all over about RSV, and our course our little guy got it. By Thursday night his breathing was pretty bad and he was working too hard to breathe, so my mom and I took him to the ER. (Clint was out of town, but just in Oklahoma not overseas!) We took him to St. Luke's, and they off course saw him right away because they could tell he was having some breathing difficulties. St. Luke's gave him some breathing treatments, and did some chest xrays and then decided it would be in Hudson's best interest to be transferred downtown due to his medical history. At 3 am Hudson and I ended up at TCH (Texas Children's Hospital) again. I off course was totally unprepared for a downtown trip and realized that I had only packed one diaper (plenty of clothes for Hudson but none for me). TCH monitored him till Saturday morning and then released him still saying that it was just RSV, we were all worried that there were some issues with his upper airway but that still seems to be doing great. Clint ended up flying in on Friday evening to help take care of the boys and then come and pick his stranded wife and Son up at TCH ( we had been transferred in the ambulance). I felt pretty trapped down there, no car, no clothes I had to get some diapers and buy a t-shirt at the gift shop, how pathetic. Needless to say I was looking pretty special when Clint came to pick us up (Hudson off course was looking supper cute since he had a variety of clothes in the diaper bag).

Hudson is doing much better now, after our scare this past week and today we made another trip downtown for an ENT appointment but all looked great, oh yes, big news He passed his hearing test in both ears!!! YAY!!! This afternoon he was doing a lot of playing with his brothers he loves them, though is a bit scared of Brooks.


Jess said...

man...been there. and it sucks because you know it would probably be ok to just take your baby and go home, but you can't risk it.
Glad he's doing better.

BethC said...

he looks great, and I'm so glad to hear he is better! What a tough time.

Schuyler and Shelley said...

Oh wow that doesn't sound like fun. Poor you and Poor Hudson. I would have been crying right about the time you were needing clothes, diapers, no car, and stuck! Good think Clint came to rescue you. Poor you....if you ever need anything like that me....I will totally be there!

Marsha Cashdollar said...

:( poor guys! I am so glad you he is doing better though. Next time call! I would come rescue you anytime.