Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to our Valentines Baby Boy!!

I have to say we have the best Valentines present ever, Hudson! Our big boy turned two yesterday, we can't believe how the time has gone by! Yesterday we just spent the day as a family and spending time with Hudson. Hudson Loves Mexican food so we took him out to eat and later just had cupcakes at home. I have posted a few pictures of how far we have come with our little man, we are so blessed to have him!! Tomorrow, Hudson and I are heading downtown to find him some eye glasses. Last week I took him to TCH to get his eyes check and sure enough he needs some glasses. He is going to look so cute!!

He loved the icing!
And really wanted to eat the paper
I don't think he wanted to hear us sing

He tried to blow the candles out, but he needed a little help
He loves refried beans, I think I found some in his hair and ears after lunch
Hudson through out the past few years...
He is a Daddy's boy!

Even with his distraction on he was so happy and good at home
A very long 10 days for us...
Hudson at TCH
Hudson at Conroe Hospital
Just after I had him in the delivery room
About an hour before we had Hudson

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Shelley said...

such a sweet post. He looks like such a happy boy!