Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hudson's Good News

Good news is that Hudson passed his swallow study on Thursday, and we now have the green light to go ahead and start feeding him by mouth!!! He doesn't like his milk in his bottle but loves apple juice, it does take him a while to drink it, but he will get there. I did give him a baby cookie the other day and he loved it, but he couldn't figure out why his hands were such a mess afterwords. We know it will take a while for him to learn but we are excited to see that he is progressing.

Hudson eating a cookie
He was getting a little tired
He is such a mess.
Drinking a bottle!!!


Tanni said...

What an awesome blessing Shannon. I can imagine that this past year has been filled with ups and downs. You continue to press through and you are a great mom. Thanks for sharing your life with the blogging world.

I was going through old pictures and I found one of Costner at one of our playdates when they were about 6 months has alot changed since we have 3 boys each...crazy! :) We should try to get our guys together....I am sure it would be a ZOO, but fun!

Many Blessings,

Schuyler and Shelley said...

That is awesome! I am so happy that everythng went well. He is on the right track!

Marsha Cashdollar said...

awh good update...

lisa said...
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lisa said...

sigh...I'm so happy for y'all and so proud of Hudson with that cookie and that bottle! YAY!!! =)