Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Whats been going on....

The boys went back to school this week, Costner couldn't get there fast enough, he missed school so much. Brooks loves school but has a hard time getting out of the car to get to school, he thinks he doesn't want to go but has such a good time when he gets there, he is such the middle child. Hudson has been doing very good, he has been rolling on the floor, last night he rolled across the floor I was so excited!!! Tomorrow he goes in to have swallow study done so we will be able to know tomorrow if he is still aspirating. Keep him in your prayers, I am hoping that everything will go smoothly, and that we will be able to start feeding him by mouth!!! And lastly the other boy of the house, Clint he has been good, but flys out on Saturday, but just to Oklahoma, so not too far.

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