Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just a few more Hudson updates...

Sitting up!!!
He loves to play with the phones

Hudson eating a baby Cheetos

Since I hadn't been posting in weeks there have been some HUGE changes with Hudson that I have forgotten to mention. Hudson hasn't used his G-tube in over three weeks, he has been drinking all his milk and juice from his bottle, and loves it!! He has also been eating real food, toast or waffle in the morning, grill cheese, and he loves spaghetti!! I met with his nutritionist this past week, and she said that she has never seen a baby 100% on a tube to transition to a bottle so quickly. Another milestone is that he is sitting up on his own, and when he sees something that he wants he leans over till he falls over, and rolls and scoots to get it!!! He is rolling all over the place, I am sure in a few weeks he will be crawling!! We are so excited!

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