Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend with the boys

It was just me and the boys this weekend, Clint is in Qatar for the next few weeks. Weekends are so much longer when he is out of town. Saturday the boys and I ended up spending late afternoon and early evening in College Station, we went to pick up Alyssum so that she could come home for the weekend. The boys had a great time, even though it was a short trip the boys had fun at the park and off course chickfila.

Sunday the boys and I and their Uncle Nathan went out to the high school football field so that they could run around and play soccer and football, and just get some energy out.

Costner is having a rough time at school this past week, he is so strong willed and hard headed, but I am working with him on making good choices, so I am hoping and praying that he is going to have an awesome week at school!

The Boys and Aunt Alyssum

Costner got a little tired
Hudson was looking for his brothers

Brooks jumping over hurdles with Uncle Nathan
Costner running through the hurdles

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