Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brooks and Mommy Tea Party

Brooks has been so excited for his mommy and him tea party his class was doing at school. Today was the day, it started at 9:30, after I dropped the boys off at school I had to run and drop Hudson off at the babysitters house. By the time I got back to school for the tea party, poor Brooks was sitting on one of his teachers laps while all the other kids and there moms were at all the tables. I felt so bad, for being a few minutes late, but he was so excited when He saw me. I always feel like since he is the middle child he sometimes gets left out a bit, so I try to make him feel extra special!! His school did a great job at the tea party, and it was nice to spend the morning with Brooks and his friends.


Sandra League said...

I don't know your boys Shannon but I'll bet they are special little guys (and cute too). You seem to be such a good mommy and all your boys (incl. Clint) are blessed to have you!

Shelley said...

awww....I love it. What a special day! You look wonderful.