Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Weekend Pool Time

Saturday we had such a long day at the Y, because both the boys had picture day, and then they had a game afterwords, needless to say the pictures took FOREVER!! What a Joke, I don't think we will do that next year, totally not organized, it would have been better if we just took the boys in the backyard and did it ourselves. After the games we thought we would go check out Memes pool to see how it was doing, and the boys wanted to go swimming, so we let them go in there underwear, I know slightly white trash of us, but hey they had a blast!!! I on the other went home and got Clint, Hudson and my swimsuit! It was a bit cold but they had fun.

I didn't catch this in time, but instead of going in the pool house to go to the bathroom this is were I found him, Yeah its a boy thing!
Sweet Brothers

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Shelley said...

LOL!!!! At least he didn't go IN the pool like most kids. LOL!